Citizens Development Corps



The past year has created several interesting opportunities to introduce and expand CDC’sВdevelopment services to Africa.В It is our belief that the SME sector is key for economic growth-and especially so in Africa. Our variety of approaches to assisting and strengthening the private sector are well-suited to the African context and once implemented, should have a tremendous impact.В At present, CDC is working with various multi-national corporations and organizations to develop innovative strategies that will maximize the local benefits from the many large, long-term investments throughout the region.

Our ultimate goal is to appropriately prepare SMEs throughout Africa to take advantage of existing and upcoming trade and investment opportunities and maximize the amount of wealth that stays within these countries.В Additionally, CDC hopes to create greater and more effective linkages between local communities and the regional and national governments so that both economic development programs and private-sector investment can have a direct and sustainable effect on the local population as a whole.

Initial efforts will focus on building and strengthening necessary business skills, such as marketing, management, human resources and quality control among small businesses throughout the region.В Long-term plans will focus on supporting and ensuring the viability and competitiveness of appropriate industry sectors and empowering the SME sector to create growth and wealth for the general economy.


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