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After more than 20 years of civil war, a ceasefire and peace agreement signed in early April 2009 has finally given AngolansВa reason for hope.В Located in southern Africa, borderingВNamibia, ZambiaВand the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola is almost twice the size of Texas.

Angola is a growing producer of oil and has other natural resources including diamonds, extensive forests, and Atlantic fisheries.В Oil production and supporting activities are vital to the economy, constituting about 75% to GDP and 90% of exports.В However, subsistence agriculture continues to provide the main livelihood for 85% of the population.В Poverty continues to be widespread in Angola, and its life expectancy is among the lowest on the continent.

To take full advantage of its rich natural resources, encourage foreign investment, and improve the lives of its people, Angola will have to bring about a permanent and lasting end to years of civil war through the successful reintegration of millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs).В Continued government reform, increased transparency, and economic revitalization are essential for this process to be successful.

As such, CDC is currently working with the private sector to design a program, modeledВon our STI strategies,Вthat will focus on building the capacity of the Angolan local sector toВbecome increasingly involved in the lucrative oil industry and to more effectively be able to market and sell their products toВthe multinational firms operating in the country.

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