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Local BSI leads sales training for tourism industry

Local CDC Business Support Organization

Psychology and Business is a young, emerging organization; a team of professional women successfully developing both their own business and contributing to the improvement of common wealth in local communities by providing special consulting services corresponding to the most advanced professional and ethical standards.

The Trainer

Lubov’ Egorova has 12 years of experience as a trainer and professional consultant in business development, personal growth, and interpersonal skills. She is also head of the economics section of the regional department of the Russian Psychological Society, author of the coaching cause in sales for managers, and senior consultant in Psychology and Business.


In November 2009, Psychology and Business, a local Business Support Institution (BSI) in Novgorod, Russia, conducted a two-day seminar in sales training and product promotion for tourism business managers and customer relations personnel. Technical assistance for the project was developed under the Integrated Business Services Program, implemented by CDC and funded by USAID. The venue for the seminar was provided by regional coordinating partner, JSC Novgorod Technopark.

The technical assistance goals were to incorporate new techniques in trainings and guide the development of a new consulting product. Specifically, Technopark consultants were assisted in developing practical training materials, which proved highly valuable during the seminar.

Seminar participants, which included managers of marketing and advertising departments, improved their professional skills in sales and product promotion. The seminar focused on providing advice on topics of importance to the tourism business.

These topics included:

  • How to establish contact with the customer.
  • How to identify a client’s needs.
  • How to ask questions professionally.
  • How to become more attentive to what the client says.
  • How to provide product presentation effectively.
  • How to respond to complaints.
  • How to conducts price negotiations effectively
  • How to build long-term relationships.
  • How to prevent conflicts.


After the seminar, feedback questionnaires proved that new product was highly demanded by tourism industry representatives. Overall, the seminar helped promote a new consulting product by the BSI and will expand Psychology and Business’ capacity to assist its SME clients in improving their professional skills and corporate culture in the future.


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