Citizens Development Corps


Capable Partners Program (CAP)

CAP improves the organizational capacity and sustainability of local NGOs and networks around the world through global training programs in advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, and public/private partnership building; small grant programs; theВNGOConnect Web portal; and Associate Awards to meet specific USAID and Mission objectives.

CAP is funded through a 5-year Leader with AssociatesВCooperative Agreement between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Academy for Educational Development (AED), in association with its main partner, Management Systems International (MSI).

The ProgramВis supported by 14ВResource Organizations, including Citizens Development Corps. CAP's Resource Organizations are available to provide technical assistance and to implement activities related to their respective specialties.

The key components of CAP:

  • CAP Advocacy Fellows Program
  • CAP Monitoring & Evaluation Fellows Program
  • CAP Public/Private Partnerships Program
  • CAP Innovation Grants for NGO Networks Program
  • Organizational Development & Institutional Strengthening
  • About NGOConnect.NET
  • CAP Distance Learning Modules
  • CAP Resource Organizations
  • Accessing CAP/Associate Awards (Buy-Ins)

One of CAP's most valuable resources is NGOВThis web site will serve as a portal of information for USAID missions, as well as for domestic and international NGOs. NGO will go public in September 2010.


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