Citizens Development Corps


Central and Eastern Europe

CDC has a long history in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). From our earliest programs in Poland and Bosnia to now, CDC and our corps of Volunteer Advisors continue to partner with other international organizations to promote economic development, particularly of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), by increasing the capacity of business services providers (BSPs) to trade, network, export, and increase foreign investment throughout the region.

CDC’s primary projects in CEE are with the TRADE Network, the CHF Consortium in Romania, and theВBusiness and Trade Development ProgramВin Bulgaria.

The TRADE Network is a pilot program designed to stimulate economic development in CEE (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary) by increasing the competitiveness of local SMEs and helping them identify cross-border and international trade opportunities. The program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is a joint initiative between CDC and the International Executive Service Corps (IESC).

CDC specializes in SME and private-sector development through BSP capacity building, cutting edge consulting services, cluster development, and cross-sector/border linkages.ВAs part ofВthe CHF Consortium, CDC will provide key services through the provision of short-term technical assistance to BSPs and individual SMEs with a concentration on increasing exports and encouraging foreign investment in the Romanian economy. Within the Enterprise Development component, CDC will provide key technical assistance through placement of Volunteer Advisors to BSPs and individual SMEs.

The primary goal of the Business and Trade Development Program (BTD)Вin BulgariaВis to strengthen the capacity of business support organizations (BSOs) so that they, in turn, can more effectively and sustainably serve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Вin Bulgaria. This project is funded by USAID and was awarded to Volunteers for Economic Growth AllianceВ(VEGA), a leading consortium of non-profit private sector groups and development organizations. As a partner of VEGA, CDC will be one of the lead implementers of the BTD project.

CDC, along with International Executive Service Corps and the Financial Services Volunteer Corps, will provide a broad portfolio of volunteer-based business and trade support services to increase the competitiveness of local business support organizations (BSOs). These services will also allow BSOs to deepen and diversify their industry-specific technical and managerial services to support the long-term growth of SMEs in Bulgaria.


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