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Consulting company receives marketing assistance

Volunteer Advisor

Merilee Marsh, an independent marketing consultant since 1994, has more than 25 years of business experience in management, communications, public relations, advertising, copy writing, sales, and customer service. She founded and managed her own advertising agency; directed public relations for a private law school; worked in television, radio, and cable; directed the marketing and advertising for a chain of retail stores; and taught entrepreneurial marketing at the college level. Ms. Marsh offers marketing consulting and workshops in the U.S. and Eastern Europe.


COMPASS Consulting — Founded in 1992 in Bucharest, Romania, Compass Consulting was a pioneer in providing professional services in Romania. Beginning with management consulting, by the late ’90s the company had expanded to include business-to-business marketing, finance and accounting, and human resources training departments. Providing a breadth of services to Romanian and international companies, Compass has earned a good reputation by consistently exceeding client expectations.


The market for consultancy services in Romania is significantly smaller than in the U.S. When Compass Consulting was founded in 1992, the company was required to appeal to a broad range of industries and sectors in order to do business. After some success, Compass Training was created from the original company to continue the human resource activity begun by Compass Consulting.

Over the past 10 years, Compass has undertaken more than 300 assignments for private Romanian and international enterprises. Despite its achievements, Compass has experienced significant difficulties in attracting new and repeat business in recent years.
Intent on achieving better positioning in the market, Compass requested CDC’s assistance in increasing company visibility and evaluating its public relations strategy. In April 2010, Volunteer Advisor (VA) Merilee Marsh traveled to Romania to help Compass meet its goals.

Results and Outcomes of Project

Before arriving in Romania, Marsh analyzed the Internet sites of Compass and its five main competitors. At the Compass office, she began her work by looking over the company’s printed promotional materials.

From her analysis, Marsh suggested that Compass tailor its marketing materials to clearly state the client benefits of choosing Compass’ services, while also tracking its marketing efforts, so as to develop better marketing campaigns in the future.

Marsh also believed that, for marketing purposes, it would be beneficial for Compass to organize itself as one company with two divisions: consulting and training. Along with a simple, easily recognizable new logo and tagline (which she provided), this measure allows for greater branding of the Compass name while making the most of marketing materials by managing limited resources more efficiently.

After personally meeting with each Compass staff member, Marsh believed that Compass needed to prioritize tasks in order to attract new business. Specifically, she recommended the managing partner primarily devote his energy to bringing in new business from a long list of personal and business contacts.

Compass already has prepared a set of templates for new print materials such as recommendations, press releases, thank-you and follow-up notes, while also adjusting its budget to reflect an emphasis on building company visibility through marketing.

Highlights of the Assignment

  • VEA helped prioritize and focus Compass’ marketing efforts.
  • VEA proposed a new logo, tagline, and client-benefit approach to the client’s marketing strategy.


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