Citizens Development Corps


Executive Staff and Committee

Michael Levett
President and CEO
Michael Levett has been the President of CDC since 1994, when he joined the organization. Mr. Levett oversees all aspects of this international, private-sector development organization. Prior to working with CDC, Mr. Levett was the founding President of Business for Social Responsibility, a position he took after spending six years in the international business arena, including extensive work with Russia and Eastern Europe developing and managing trade, cultural, and economic ventures. His professional background includes vice presidencies at two major film production companies (Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Dino DeLaurentiis Corp.), reporting for the Los Angeles Times, writing and directing educational films, and managing several political campaigns. He was a White House Fellow and a Loeb Fellow at Harvard University. He sits on the board of directors of the Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) as well as that of CDC.

Deirdre White
Vice President, Business and Program Development
Deirdre White is a specialist in international economic development and training. She has more than 15 years of experience in international development as a project manager, a trainer, a strategy and organization consultant, a program designer and a proposal author. Ms. White lived and worked in Eurasia from February 1991-December 1998.

Svetlana Loginova
Vice President, Programs

Executive Committee
Dana Mead
Executive Committee Chairman - Retired Chairman & CEO, Tenneco, Inc.
Jack Behrman
Founder/Former Chairman & CEO, MBA Enterprise Corps
Donald Blinken
Former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, currently with Warburg Pincus
Richard Brass
Vice President, Technology Development, Microsoft Corporation
Prescott Bush
President, Prescott Bush Resources, Ltd.
Lew Cramer
Managing Director, Summit Ventures, LLC
William Delphos
Founder and Managing Director, Delphos International
James Hickman
Vice President, State of the World Forum
Michael Levett
President & CEO, Citizens Development Corps
Pendleton James
Chairman, Whitehead Mann, Inc.
Martin Stein
Founder, Stein Optical
Craig Stevenson
Chairman & CEO, OMI Corporation
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