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Kyrgyzstan is considered one of the most beautiful of the Central Asian Republics. Geographically it contains the Tian Shan and Pamir Alay mountain ranges - considered the most beautiful in the region. The majority of its population is Kyrgyz, although there is also a sizable Russian population, as well as pockets of people of Uzbek, Ukrainian, and German descent. A strong nomadic tradition is the cultural cornerstone of the country.

Kyrgyzstan was one of the most remote of the Soviet Republics and was left with minimal economic resources of its own when it gained independence in 1991. The country has carried out rather aggressive market reforms during the past 12 years, though it remains predominantly agricultural. More than any other of the Central Asian republics, Kyrgyzstan is using its natural beauty to promote tourism and adventure travel. Gold, mercury, uranium and electricity are the biggest industrial exports.

CDC’s Central Asia Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project is administered by Pragma Corporation and funded by USAID to build pluralism and stability among the people and institutions of Central Asia. Furthermore, the project is designed to enhance the competitive and managerial capabilities of small-to-medium enterprises in four republics of Central Asia. Specific focus areas include business training, accounting reform, business advisory services, regional trade development and quality management.

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