Citizens Development Corps


Logistics and Travel

The program staff at CDC will do everything possible to ensure you have what you need for your overseas assignment. To that effect, CDC provides the following for our Volunteer Advisors:

  • Round-trip coach class airfare. Due to funding restrictions, CDC is unable to offer business class or higher travel. However, depending on the ticket, volunteers may upgrade their tickets at their own expense.
  • Assistance with visas. CDC covers the cost of visa applications when necessary for travel.
  • Per diem.ВVAs receive a modest daily allowance while in country to cover meals and incidentals.
  • Accommodations. While theВVA is on assignment, CDC provides accommodations either in a local hotel or apartment. Remember - in many of the countries where CDC operates, some of the comforts we take for granted are considered luxuries. Of course, this is part of the adventure!
  • Transportation. Local staff or a hired driver provideВVAs with transportation to and from the worksite.
  • Medical.ВVAs receive medical insurance while on assignment. CDC also provides up to $100 for a pre-trip doctor’s appointment, and up to $100 for any needed immunizations.
  • Supplies. CDC covers $300 worth of educational materials or supplies that may be relevant to the assignment. VAs may choose to receive an advance before the assignment or to be reimbursed for expenses upon their return.


For more information regarding the logistics and travel details of a CDC assignment, please send an email to


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