Citizens Development Corps



ToВfurther the progress ofВdemocratic institutions, civil society, and market economies by strengthening and promotingВenterprises and entrepreneurs, new markets and trade, innovation and investment, local governments and institutions, business and community services infrastructure and investment opportunities.

CDC Values

  • Transferring knowledge to the business community as a whole, by mentoring and consulting leaders inВSmall and Medium EnterprisesВand their support networks. Building the capacity of the localВcommunity to respond to the market, innovate, and train their own people in the skills they have learned through CDC assistance.
  • Sustainable development that creates a fertile environment for continued success.
  • TheВability to supply a low-cost, highly effective form of foreign assistance, with immediate and long-term benefits in both the countries that we work and the United States.
  • Our clients and Volunteer Advisors coming together in our underlying philosophy and our fundamental goal—Sustainability through capacity building.
  • Volunteer Advisors as real-world practitioners and problem solvers able to provide one-on-one management and technical assistance to businesses and their support networks-consulting firms, educational institutions, NGOs, advocacy organizations and associations.

Our Vision

CDC delivers a broad spectrum of products and services to businesses, NGOs, business service providers, universities, local and regional governments and the communities that support them. By targeting interventions at the individual, organizational, and community levels, our programs are committed to creating and implementing high-impact programs. CDC is focused on increasing the competitiveness of our clients, building local capacity to deliver innovative goods and services and promoting sustainable development in emerging markets. CDC directs public and private resources to build vibrant local and regional economies that have the businesses, institutions and the environment needed to compete in the global economy.


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