Products and Services

The CDC Supplier Training Initiative (STI) builds the capacity of MSMEs to act as suppliers to larger indigenous and multinational entities:

  • Program focus is on supply chain
  • Procurement rules and regulations
  • Training and technical assistance
    • General business skills
    • Quality management systems
    • ISO 9000 and 14000 series
    • Industry specific areas
  • Domestic and international business linkages, associations and partnerships

The CDC Procurement Training Initiative (PTI) builds the contract base for local SMEs:

  • Program focus is on the contracting side
  • Work with government and larger national corporations to identify goods and services that could be supplied by local SMEs
  • Develop transparent procurement procedures that encourage the use of SMEs
  • Supplier training can be run concurrently
    CDC incorporates our Business Linkages product into many of our programs to:
  • Strengthen local consulting industries, business service sectors and trade infrastructure
  • Develop local and regional networks
  • Enhance management structures
  • Expand service offerings
  • Build market and promotional strategies
  • Improve services for members
  • Increase memberships
  • Promote financial sustainability

Workforce Development is the key to sustainability of many of CDC’s economic development initiatives:

  • Training of trainers
  • In-company training programs
  • Job-specific training and mentoring
  • Pairing of consultants, co-training, and exchanges
  • Professional networks and support systems
  • Improved HR policies and compensation packages that support continued learning

Many CDC programs incorporate our Trade and Investment Promotion methodologies to help SMEs:

  • Access new markets and increase exports
  • Identify and assess linkage opportunities
  • Plan and help establish
    • Joint ventures
    • Licensing agreements
    • Franchises
    • Other strategic alliances
  • Improve market research
  • Meet international production and operational standards
  • Address international Health, Safety, and Environmental issues
  • Qualify and introduce companies to financial institutions
  • Undertake due diligence
  • Organize roundtables on access to and sources of finance
  • Supply personnel to back-up investments
  • Evaluate and assess risk

The introduction and/or improvement of Information and Communication Technology is an essential part of the capacity building process:

  • Develop new IT technologies, products and services for local BSOs/BSIs/BSPs
  • Network through On-line Community System (OCS)
  • Develop efficient supply and production chains
  • Create market and promotional strategies
  • Identify new sales outlets

CDC supports MSME Development through:

  • Training
  • Technical assistance
  • Grants
  • Business linkages
  • Development of business support sector
  • One-on-one and company mentoring
  • Industry/Sector specific support

CDC’s Local Government Initiative (LGI) methodology brings business, government, NGOs and other stakeholders together to:

  • Improve quality of performance
  • Strategize for community/municipal/regional development
  • Promote good governance and transparency
  • Participate in roundtables
  • Provide/participate in technical assistance and training
  • Participate in procurement training
  • Foster linkages
    • Local businesses
    • International counterparts
    • Constituents
    • Key stakeholders

CDC has a long history of NGO Development:

  • Capacity building and technical assistance
  • Creation and operation of databases
  • Training workshops and seminars
  • Improving accountability and credibility
  • Local and international networking opportunities
  • Financial sustainability
  • Small grants program
  • Increase outreach and efficiency of services

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