Program Staff

The CDC Program Staff is committed to the continued growth and development of the small business sector in developing and transitioning economies. At our headquarters in Washington, D.C., and in our field offices, the program staff implements CDC’s development programs, providing support and training to both client organizations and the advisors sent to assist them. Additionally, the staff is an integral part of the program development process.


The headquarters staff in Washington, D.C. provides:

  • Extensive international experience in needs assessment, program design and cost-effective management and evaluation
  • Expertise in creating programmatic budgets
  • Foreign language capacity
  • Experience locating the best advisor match for client companies
  • Diverse experience with USAID and other donor agencies

Field Staff

CDC ensures the success of its programs by identifying and employing highly-qualified field staff. CDC field staff are located in every country in which CDC is a prime contractor.


  • Have extensive knowledge of the local market
  • Provide connections to local businesses and the local international development community
  • Conduct business and community development workshops and trainings
  • Are fluent in both the local language and English
  • Offer continuity for client organizations, creating strong and lasting working relationships
  • Perform needs assessments and evaluations
  • Have experience with USAID and other donor agency rules and regulations

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