Citizens Development Corps


Partnership Opportunities

Working with CDC as a Prime or Sub Contractor or Grantee

Fueled by private sector expertise, CDC offers a range of competitive benefits to foreign organizations and markets seeking assistance:

Cutting-Edge Expertise. As ambassadors of industry, CDCВadvisors parlay their own direct experience in designing and implementing the latest organizational strategies, emerging technologies and strategic partnerships. They are eager to make new contacts and are capable of opening new avenues for trade and investment. Programs are often high-impact and needs specific. Innovative best practices are often shared.

Quality Program Management. All CDC and MBAEC programs are managed and supported by knowledgeable in-country staff with international experience. TheseВlocal experts help identify marketplace needs, procure appropriate counsel, provide local orientation and foreign language capacity, advise on matters of program design and troubleshoot local barriers to progress. Their sensitivity to local conditions and protocols is invaluable. In-country staff also provide access to diverse funders, as well as cost-effective program management and evaluation.

Local Partnerships. CDC VAs, MBA Corps members and local partners work collaboratively to establish critical linkages among businesses, within industry sectors, and among entities that support business, thus laying the groundwork for sustainable, ongoing marketplace and community development.

Value. CDC and its local partners are able to deliver premium consulting and training services at reasonable prices to businesses and organizations that need it most.В CDC is able to assist our local partners to expand their services and incorporate Western Expertise throughВVAs and MBA Enterprise Corps members who forego U.S. salaries to work in our programs.

Impact. CDC provides measurable results - on time and on budget. These come in the form of increased productivity, larger profits, new jobs, higher household income, augmented trade partnerships and new contracts. CDC also enhances the capacity of companies, industries, NGOs and governments to provide ongoing economic development support.


Please contact Deirdre White at to learn aboutВopportunities to work with CDC as a prime or subcontactor or grantee.


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