Citizens Development Corps


Program Results

CDC assignments are beginnings, not endings. Our role is never to commandeer markets, but rather to transfer skills and seed the infrastructure necessary for sustainable, long-term growth. Through our programs, we contribute to:

Sustainable Frameworks CDC goes beyond firm-level assistance, providing technical assistance and training to critical entities that support businesses and communities. These include regional development councils, chambers of commerce, trade associations and municipal governments. This approach engenders a legal and regulatory environment that is more hospitable to private enterprise.

Quality Jobs Employment opportunities emerge and poverty is reduced when local companies operate more efficiently, improve the quality of their products and services, chart new avenues of expansion, create farming systems for talent and compete more successfully in bidding and contracting processes.

New Wealth Creation CDC advisors are successful entrepreneurs who have founded and led enterprises in virtually every industry and part of the world. CDC promotes entrepreneurship, basic skills training, technological innovation, job security and increased productivity.

Trade Infrastructure CDC provides small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) with comprehensive technical assistance, training and marketing skills and to enhance their ability to form international trade linkages and partnerships. Thus equipped, SMEs are empowered to compete in a global market with quality products and services.

Investment and Export Opportunities Working with business leaders and policy makers, CDC helps countries focus on trade and export promotion, privatization, infrastructure financing and policy development. CDC helps local chambers of commerce improve their investment promotion efforts and continues to advise clients on increasing transparency and fairness in considering investor applications.

Expanding Markets Through the innovative TRADE Network, CDC's program design and interventions increase cross border trade and facilitate cooperation among business service providers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Economic Stability Political and institutional reforms are often by-products of the social and economic stability stemming from successful private/public sector development activities to which CDC actively contributes.


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