Citizens Development Corps


Enterprise Development and Strengthening Program: Romania

Under a new contract funded by USAID and administered by CHF International — CDC, Shorebank Advisory Services and Booz Allen and Hamilton (the CHF Consortium) is participating in a five-year program aimed at strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Romania and improving the broader business and economic environment. The CHF Consortium will work with business services providers (BSPs) to enhance their capacity to deliver market-driven business services to their membership.

Technical assistance and institutional support will be provided to BSPs to strengthen their member MSMEs' capacity to increase their exports and foreign investment in identified sectors. Sectors may include tourism, agribusiness, ITC, and manufacturing. In addition, assistance will be provided to businesses and joint ventures in the selected sectors to identify export opportunities and to establish trade linkages.

BSPs will build the export capacity of MSMEs by providing owners and managers with tools, techniques and information. CDC and its TRADE Network partners, with contacts throughout Central and Eastern Europe, will identify export and investment opportunities for Romanian MSMEs and will facilitate their entrance into regional markets.
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