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Bordering the Black Sea in Southeastern Europe, Romania is slightly smaller than Oregon in size. Romania has a temperate climate and natural resources including petroleum, timber, natural gas, arable land and hydropower. Established as a state in 1862, Romania was ruled for decades by dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was overthrown and executed in 1989. Successive governments have reestablished parliamentary democracy.

Romania is one of the poorest countries of Central and Eastern Europe, having a largely obsolete industrial base at the time of transition from Communism. Most of RomaniaГ­s trade is with E.U. countries, predominantly Italy, Germany, France and Turkey. Primary exports include textiles and footwear; metals and metal products; and machinery and equipment. While growth has recovered in recent years, opportunities still remain for vigorous privatization, regulatory reform, deficit reduction, and the curbing of inflation.

Romania has the distinction of being the only country in which CDC is simultaneously involved in two separate programs.

CDC operates in Romania through the Trading Regionally and Developing Expertise (TRADE) project in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), a cross-border iniative funded by USAID to promote economic development in the region. With a highly skilled and trained consulting industry throughout the region, companies are better equipped to serve the broader base of local small and medium sized enterprise sectors in their regions. TRADE assists in this process by creating a network of consulting organizations that work with each other and similar networks in other countries that encourage cross-border collaboration and exchange of ideas and resources.

Additionally, CDC is part of a five-year program aimed at strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Romania and improving the broader business and economic environment - with funding from USAID. This program is still in the early implementation phase and is designed to bolster competitiveness and export capacity within the tourism and textile industry sectors.

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