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Attention Volunteer Advisors: We need your help in chronicling your achievements in the section of our Web site. If you are a Volunteer Advisor who recently returned from an assignment you would consider a success, we would like to hear from you. After all, you have a vantage point unlike any other.

Contributing to Success Stories is easy. Simply send us a bulleted list or outline that covers these basics:

  • The facts. Specifically, your travel dates, scope of work and the names of the company or companies you worked with.
  • Results. Your recommendations and suggestions. Evidence of a successful mission - in terms of revenue growth, market share, new partnerships, legislation, certification, etc. Quotable comments from in-country partners will also add interest to your story.
  • Your insights. Observations as to how the socio-political, economic and cultural climate in country shaped your assignment and influenced your work.
  • Your credentials. Highlight what skills helped you most during your assignment. If you’ve updated your CV, send a copy of the latest version.
  • The inside scoop. Little-known facts or funny anecdotes about the country you visited - particularly any charms, quirks or social conventions that shaped your learning experience or influenced your business recommendations.

CDC also welcomes any anecdotal stories you might have from your time overseas.

  • What made this experience different from other travel experiences you’ve had?
  • Was there something you came away with that you weren’t expecting?

Submit you story by email to

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Disclaimers: Involve your clients and be sure to clarify any information they would prefer not to disclose for competitive reasons.

Materials submitted to Citizens Development Corps become property of CDC.


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