Citizens Development Corps

Citizens Development Corps
is a non-profit organization that rallies the expertise of senior level business professionals to provide technical assistance to small and medium sized enterprises in emerging markets throughout the world.

MBA Enterprise Corps
The MBA Enterprise Corps, a division of CDC, is a non-profit, private volunteer organization founded in 1990 by a consortium of leading US business schools.
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Now, more than ever, a CDC assignment overseas can and will have an impact beyond the spe cific needs of individual clients. If you are considering or scheduled for a vol unteer assignment in the near future, realize that you are committing to an unofficial role as an ambassador from the United States.
In December 2009, Citizens Democracy Corps officially changed its name to Citizens Development Corps. This new descriptor is intended to better reflect the organization’s respected track record in the economic development arena, as well as pave the way for geographic and programmatic expansion. The decision to rename was weighed carefully and ultimately viewed by the board of directors as an important action for future success.
Every CDC assignment is different, but there are some common denominators. How can you do your pre-travel homework and set realistic expectations for your visit to a host country? We asked veteran CDC VAs, as well as representatives from host country business service providers to share their insights. Here’s what they said...

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